Verdant Village V0.4.4

Another small hotfix to take care of one serious issue and a few other small things I stumbled across. Not much to say other than I hope this is the end of the bugs for now so I can buckle down on combat. Of course, if you run into something let me know via the steam forums or the discord. As usual, full changelog below.

Verdant Village V0.4.4 Full Changelog

  • Fixed a bug where chests would create collision objects that were far too large causing there to be invisible barriers in their vicinity. Unfortunately, this fix relies on resetting all chests to a default rotation. If you had chests that were rotated, they will be all forced into the default position after this patch and will need to be moved manually, apologies for the inconvenience

  • Fixed a bug in the keybindings interface where binding an arrow key would show a blank space. If you already had an arrow key bound you may need to rebind it to actually see the new symbol

  • Fixed a bug where objects were incorrectly identified as catalysts in the fermentation UI. This would also cause a host of issues with fermentation recipes most notably them not being saved

  • Fixed a small visual bug with the fermentation UI where arrow buttons would overlap other UI elements

  • Went through and ensured that all fermentation components had the proper values to keep the UI from throwing 0s in various descriptions and voiding potential buffs

  • Fixed a small SFX bug on the load game screen

  • Oyster timers have been adjusted to open more frequently and lock you out for a much shorter period of time upon failure to grab a pearl

  • Fixed a bug where the cooking station notification box would not disappear when utilizing the “Meal Prep” perk

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t click on the portcullis UI with the cursor when using a controller