Verdant Village V0.4.3

Another small hotfix to take care of some outstanding issues from patch 0.4. I think this will put the game in a pretty stable state. Of course if you find more bugs report them and I’ll deal with whatever comes up. With that said there isn’t much else I think, the full changelog is below.

Verdant Village V0.4.3 Changelog

  • Added a setting to turn off the flashes that accompany lightning

  • Fixed a hunting bug where you could shoot an animal that was already dying which would reset the animation

  • Gutted and remade the code around using the bow to hopefully alleviate any issues with the bow becoming locked. I fired around 200 arrows and didn’t run into issues, so I’m either incredibly lucky or its fixed. Hoping for the latter

  • Added a main menu button next to the exit game button incase you want to go back to the main menu instead of quitting all the way out of the game

  • Fixed a bug where Petra wouldn’t move through her normal schedule. She will likely require one full in game day before she starts to move normally again

  • Added a small chance of coal appearing on all floors of the mines as it is useful at basically all points in the game. The best place to mine it however is still floor 50 and below

  • Fixed a bug with controllers not working during dialogue and a few other select places in the game. If you find that controller support is still not functioning in certain places please let me know

  • Fixed a bug where cocoa saplings that were planted would disappear after one day

  • Fixed a bug where the cooking station notification icon would remain permanently over the cooking station