Verdant Village Hotfix

Another small hotfix patch today. A couple of things were brought to my attention and some things I just found naturally. Aside from hotfixes there are a few visual updates and minor improvements that will hopefully smooth out some other issues.

Aside from that I’ve decided to reinstate the trial version of the game. Unlike the old alpha you can’t just play it forever though. Basically, you’ll get 10 days of playtime within the trial. After that you would have to purchase the full game to continue your save. On the plus side, the trial version is compatible with the full version so you wouldn’t have to start over.

Past that work on the larger patch is still coming along. This patch stands to be a hodgepodge of different things. Since I don’t have a firm theme for the patch I’m not 100% sure when it will actually go live. It will likely just be when I determine there is enough content to warrant it. Thanks for your patience, I feel like this is taking a long time but I suppose at the end of the day work is getting done and that’s what matters.

Verdant Village V0.3.4.3 Full Changelog

-New icon for irrigation pipes

-Modified barn and coop interior tilesets

-Modified truffle sprite to make it stand out more

-Fixed a bug with looms patching incorrectly

-Put in a small path leading to the fire attunement stone to make its location more obvious

-Made a slight modification to make objects with flickering flames in their animation not play in a synchronized manner

-Fixed a bug where, when using a controller, using the carpenter mallet on nothing would give you a chest

-Fixed a bug where, when using a controller, placing an object when using the controller would disallow you from moving the cursor to place more objects

-Fixed a bug where if you held down a movement key while mounting your horse the horse would fail to animate once it started moving

-Fixed a bug where description text would appear below alchemy UI in certain situations

-Made skill description text clearer as to what it does when you level up

-Fixed a bug where when placing objects in the world while playing in keyboard only mode the player would still move when trying to place something

-Fixed a small bug in the archeology UI related to navigating it when using keyboard only mode

-Fixed tooltips for placing objects in keyboard only mode

-Fixed an issue with squirrel meat turning into squirrel fur when picked up (for real this time)

-Added a link to Steam page on the title screen

-Added a free trial mode for the game