Verdant Village Hotfix

Quick hotfix today. There were two things pointed out to me recently. The first is that if you were hunting squirrels any fur they dropped would turn into meat once it hit your inventory. This should now be fixed.

The other issue which may have affected a fair number of people was a bug related to the construction signs scattered around the world. Essentially, if you spoke to the respective NPC at their shop before talking to them normally the signs would never activate making the quests impossible to start. This has now been fixed. If you happened to already stumble into this bug the patch should fix the issue for you as well.

Aside from that, I’ll take the opportunity to talk a bit about what is going on. As mentioned before, things may slow down a bit in the near future. At the moment, I don’t have the capital necessary to pay an artist for more assets. That alone prevents me from adding any new systems to the live version of the game. I am coding them, so progress is being made, but without art I can’t add them to the game. In short, work is getting done, but it may be a little bit before it sees the light of day. This issue shouldn’t last long though.

As for what I have been working on, alongside some other random stuff, it’s been mostly the fermenting system lately. As it stands, you can make 6 different types of alcohol and there are 121 different items that you can potentially add to anything you make.

The system is completely custom, as in there are no recipes other than the ones you create. You can name whatever you craft as well as pick the sprite used, and the item will be given a custom description. Whatever you add to the drink will dictate what it does, restore stamina, give buffs, sell for more, etc. There is also a multiplier system in place so some taste combinations will work better than others which you’ll have to discover that yourself. In essence you should be able to start a start a little craft brewery if you want.

Like I said earlier, a lack of art might delay that for a little bit (its currently all drawn in paint with my “expert” skills). Once everything is done though I think it should be a pretty neat little system for the game and another option for people if that’s something that interests them. Anyway, that’s it, below is the full list of fixes.


-Fixed a bug with cooking related to picking objects from the oven when your inventory was full

-Fixed two spelling errors related to silk cloth

-Fixed a bug that caused fireflies to spawn too early in summer

-Fixed a small bug with alchemy product icons that could occur when moving them around

-Fixed a bug with hunting squirrels where fur would turn into meat once it entered your inventory

-Fixed a bug where construction signs would never activate depending on how you interacted with NPCs