Verdant Village Hotfix

Tiny little hotfix patch today. I’ve heard a few times now that hunting has some bugs. After looking through it myself I found a few outstanding issues as well. Given that they had the potential to be fairly game breaking I decided to put out a little hotfix for it.

As anyone following development knows, I’m not doing regular weekly patches anymore. However, since I’m taking the time to write patch notes, I figured that I should also mention what I’ve been doing/will be doing.

So, the plan for patching is to take advantage of a feature on Steam. Basically, if you develop games on Steam, they have a system that you can use about 5 times per game. This system lets you push your game back into the spotlight of the store when you have a big patch or DLC. Most likely, if you’ve spent time on Steam you’ve probably seen this used for other games and maybe didn’t even know it.

The qualification is that your game needs to be seeing major additions or changes. So, the patches I have planned will need to be large. This isn’t a problem, but it will obviously take longer to achieve.

As for the patch I’m currently working on there are already 3 new zones, a new character and shop, and one new mechanic tied to one of the areas. Aside from that I’ve added a few artifacts to find, more fish (again tied to a specific zone) and some other odds and ends. That’s just at the moment mind you. I plan to add quests more characters and a fair number of other things as well.

I figure these large patches will likely have themes to go with them. This one is shaping up with a focus of things that aren’t farming. Things like curing or smoking the meat you get from hunting, another building you can make that will deal with something that I guess is livestock, although that’s probably a loose qualification. Probably livestock in the same way silkworms are livestock, I mean they sort of are, but no one calls them that.

The current project I’m working on deals with fermenting and brewing alcohol. That system wasn’t planned to be large, but it turned into just that. Assuming all goes well, you’ll basically be able to mix various ingredients in whatever way you want to make a drink. These drinks will be unique to your game and should allow you to pick their appearance and name them, stuff like that.

I feel sort of bad writing this because none of these things are in this patch, just some bug fixes for hunting. For the most part, I just wanted to mention these things because I’d like to let people who have already bought the game know that there are still plenty of things to come. I don’t have any real ETA on this stuff, but rest assured it is being worked on and I’ll try to keep posting updates, probably in the form of twitter posts, but occasionally I may write up something like this as well.


-Fixed several bugs with the hunting system that should result in a smoother experience.