Verdant Village Patching Update

This message should be shorter than usual. In short, I will no longer be doing patches once per week. I’ll explain the general thought process behind this below. The first thing is that it takes a fair amount of time to patch the game. By that, I’m literally referring to the process of exporting and uploading everything, along with writing patch notes, updating social media, etc. That eats into dev time a little more than I’d like it to each week.

The second reason is far more relevant. For the moment, I’ll continue to work on the game as I have been. However, I feel I should mention that in the near future this will likely not be my full-time job anymore. While the game has received mostly positive feedback in both alpha and early access it hasn’t really taken off in terms of sales. I’m not bringing this up to garner pity or anything, it’s just a basic reality that I’m not shy about mentioning. Assuming things continue on this trend, development will slow down. I do have every intention of finishing the game. I’d rather not become one of the devs that puts something out in early access and then drops the project.

Given this potential new schedule I wouldn’t be able to put out a patch each week anyway, there simply wouldn’t be enough change to justify it. The hope is that while patches will be less frequent, they should be larger chunks of content. I’ve never done early access before so this has all been a bit of an experiment. Starting out, I was modeling after the Minecraft approach, by which I mean the infdev Minecraft approach, back when Notch patched the game once a week. After doing this sort of thing for a while I think I’ve decided that updating each week and adding one or two things to a game like this isn’t as appealing as having a big patch where many things change all at once. I think in terms of motivation to play, one large patch would serve as more of an attention grabber.

So that’s it, still plenty more to come obviously, but there are going to be some changes in content delivery. I’m not sure if I’ll post little updates still or just throw something on twitter from time to time. In any case, I’ll still be around to answer questions or hear suggestions in discord and the like. When a patch does come through, I’ll be sure to make it worth the wait as well. Thanks for your patience everyone.