Verdant Village Patch 0.3.4

This week’s work was pretty content focused. Before I get into it, I wanted to apologize about some of the alchemy items added last week. There was a bug with some of them preventing them from being moved or sold. That has been fixed in this patch. Normally, I’d have put out a hotfix over the weekend for something that big, but last weekend was pretty hectic so things got delayed. Hopefully, it didn’t affect anyone too badly.

I spent my time this week between three major additions to the game. The first and probably simplest, although tedious, was the addition of Miles. He is the owner of the inn at the center of Amberglen. Until now that building was literally run by no one, which is strange to say the least. He also sells some food when he is behind the counter if you are looking for an easy meal.

Aside from Miles, there were 7 quests added to the game this week. Quests are something that I’ve been slow to get around to. With alchemy and hunting now in the game it opens up some of the potential rewards and requirements so hopefully those will keep coming. I think most of these quests require that you’ve done some other quests that are already in the game so you may have to do some leg work before they become available.

Lastly, there were two map changes made. I suppose its more accurate to say one addition and one change. The first is to the chapel in town. I thought the area around it looked and felt a little bland so it is now on top of a hill. The more important change is in the swamp. I’m trying not to ruin surprises within the game incase people would rather naturally stumble upon things. Suffice to say check the swamp, especially if you fixed the bridge, there’s actually something up in that area now.

Normally I’d talk about what’s next, but I’m actually not sure at the moment. There is plenty to do, but I haven’t quite picked a direction yet. I’m working on combat in the background every day, but that is still very early in development. As for actual features I might press my artist for a few sprites so I can get brewing into the game. Its not a massive system, but it is a fun little side project to mess with.

I was going to look into the fishing mini game as well and possibly alter that. I may turn to some smaller QoL changes and minor, but important, systems. Things like repeatable quests with special rewards, or a board in town that can tell you who has quests available. That stuff aside I’m sure I’ll be adding another NPC next week and maybe working on more zones as well. In short, there are a lot of things to do and its sort of a grab bag in terms of what I focus on unless something strikes me as desperately needing to be addressed. Anyway, below is the full changelog as usual, hope you all enjoy.

Verdant Village V0.3.4 Full Changelog

-Fixed a bug related to alchemy products not being interactive

-Fixed a bug where trying to use the "C" key when naming an animal would cause the shop to bug out. Specifically, it wasn't the "C" key that broke things it was whatever key was bound to opening and closing your inventory

-Added a clause that prevents opening your inventory while mounting or dismounting your horse, this had the potential to cause several different bugs, some more egregious than others

-Made a few cosmetic modifications to the area around the chapel in Amberglen

-Added bog cavern, fixing the bridge in the bog now actually has a purpose

-Added Miles, an innkeeper who also sells food

-Fixed a spelling error in Ethan's quest description text

-All snacks now allow for stacks of 5

-All drinks now allow for stacks of 5

-Fixed a visual glitch where tabs on the cooking menu would appear slightly out of position making them appear unattached to the GUI

-Added 2 quests for Remi

-Added a quest for Alice

-Added a quest for Ben

-Added 2 quests for Miles

-Added a quest for Ethan