Verdant Village Patch 0.3.3

Patching is coming slightly early this week. I’ll be out of town starting tomorrow so I thought I’d sneak this in while I can. That said, not a ton happened this week, or at least that’s how it felt. I suppose it was lots of behind the scenes things.

Most of my week was spent doing data entry within the game. As a result, alchemy is now in the game in a much more expansive state. You can now break down a variety of items for alchemical purposes. You can also finally make more items than just dyes at your alchemy table. There are still a lot of items to add to this system, but now the limiting factor is quests instead of the system not being filled in. A lot of quests come from characters that aren’t in the game yet. This is something far easier to tackle and they will basically be added over time. Some alchemy products are also just irrelevant at the moment due to combat not being in the game along with another system.

Speaking of combat, when I wasn’t entering loads of data into the game, I was doing some more brainstorming on the system. It’s gone through a few iterations but I think I’ve come to an idea that I like at this point. Work to actually start putting it in slowly will begin next week. I’m sorry to say that there won’t be anything tangible for the player for a while, but I’ll try to mention things about it in updates. Regardless, I do think the system that I’ve come up with should be fun and something a little more unique for this type of game.

In regards to what was actually added this patch it’s just a few things. Alchemy is now in the game in a sense that you could actually live off of alchemy if you wanted to. The sell prices may need some balancing however. Two more attunement stones were also put into the game as you may need to use them soon. Aside from alchemy there were two quests added, one for Elise and another which is Simeon’s final renovation quest. Aside from that Caleb now has all of his schedules so he should function differently based on the season.

As for the future, more NPCs will be coming, probably one per week if I keep to my schedule. Some of my time is going to be going into slowly developing combat in the background. Alongside all that I’ll probably be looking into smaller systems. Fishing traps have been a long time coming, I think I also have a new idea for the fishing minigame so that may be changed out soon. There’s some smaller QoL stuff I’ve been meaning to get to as well. I’d also like to start pushing more quests to unlock stuff. There is plenty in the game that is just locked away because there is no quest to get at it. Putting in more quests will probably become a higher priority soon.

Verdant Village Patch V0.3.3 Full Changelog

-Caleb’s remaining schedules have been added to the game

-Fixed a small visual bug regarding description text appearing under other UI in the alchemy screen

-Alchemy has been expanded to include breakdown of various objects in the world

-Quent’s quest “Alchemical Wonders” has been modified to give several alchemy recipes, if you’ve already completed the quest the recipes will be unlocked for you after patching

-A quest has been added for Elise

-The final home renovation quest has been added for Simeon

-Two more attunement stones have been placed into the world