Verdant Village Patch 0.3.1

Hello all, time for patch notes. First off, thanks to everyone who has purchased the game so far, it means a lot to see anyone spend money on something I’ve been making. If you are new to all of this, I’ll say a few things here. At the end of this are a few links to various social media stuff. I’m not really active on them to be honest, but whenever there is an update it will be pushed through all of these outlets. So, if you are looking to pay attention to changes following any of those would be your best bet. One other thing, I normally do patch notes the same way each time. The bulk of the notes will be me talking about various things to give a more complete story of what happened since the last patch. However, if you don’t care to hear me ramble on (I wouldn’t blame you) there is always a list of the actual changes to the game at the end of the notes.

Other than that, there is one note that is probably more important. Some people have been following this game since early this year so they likely know already. While it isn’t exactly set in stone, Verdant Village will usually be patched on Fridays every week. I think since the game first went up, I only forwent a patch on 2 different weeks, I believe because I was out of town. I will likely hold to this sort of patching schedule while the game is in early access on Steam. If I change that, I will be sure to let everyone know. Assuming I’m not working on one large system that I can’t finish in a week each patch usually has a few small things added into the game along with fixes and QoL.

This week has been a little different. With the release on Tuesday I’ve found myself replying to emails and dealing with things unrelated to development for a portion of the week. I’d guess next week will be far more normal.

That said the only real changes are a few bug fixes to some systems in the game. One of the more important ones is a plugin that was updated that may have been the cause of the game occasionally crashing on startup.

I suppose I’m actually happy to report that, so far at least, I haven’t really heard of any bugs from players since launch. With any luck that means things are fairly stable.

Bugs aside, what I spent the rest of the week on was hunting. It’s a system that is a bit overdue. I meant to implement it earlier, but got bogged down with other systems like controller support and revamping the inventory system. From where I’m sitting it seems that most of the major difficulties with hunting have been taken care of. The toughest part involved a bit of recursion and tree graph node tracking. Parts of my college life I never wanted to relive, but here we are. I’m hoping that the system will be live by next Friday. Assuming I don’t run into any huge complications I think that will be possible.

Once it is out of the way I’ll probably focus on getting more of alchemy implemented since I have the sprite work. Some other NPCs and zones also need to be added. There’s a litany of smaller gameplay systems I’d like to address as well, fishing traps, fermenting, more quests, etc.

So, in summary, sorry this patch is a little light, but hopefully there will be much more to come very soon. In case you were wondering what hunting is shaping up to be I grabbed a screencap earlier today as well.





-Fixed a dialogue error (repeated line of text) in the quest for the broken staircase.

-Fixed an issue where the broken staircase signpost would not activate its quest dialogue even after speaking with Sven.

-Fixed a bug where using cooking ingredients in a chest wouldn't properly delete a stack when it was used up.

-Fixed a bug where making fish fillets from fish in a chest would allow the stack to go into negative numbers.

-Fixed a bug where John would not open his bar on rainy days, he would walk there but you would be unable to buy drinks.

-Updated a plugin within the Construct engine that may have caused the game to crash on boot in rare cases.

-Add a line of dialogue in the opening cutscene to reference the oven and how it can be upgraded.