Verdant Village Patch 0.2.8

Another patch full of QoL and bug fixes as we slowly approach an actual release for Verdant Village. At the moment I am tentatively aiming for the start of July to launch the game into early access on Steam. The game will also be available through itch as usual, although there will be a price tag on it.

For actual notes I’ve basically stopped adding features for now. There’s plenty of little things I’d like to touch up as best I can before early access. The only real instance of content is that there are now large mining nodes that can spawn in the mines. They should serve as a some what rare, but good source of certain minerals.

Aside from that there were two major systems that were touched this week. The first was the description box, which is the box that shows up when you hover an item in an inventory. It’s layout was changed slight and the code was remade to hopefully make it more stable and accurate. I’ve also now added flavor text for every item in the game. Word to the wise, never wait until you have hundreds of items in a game to do this, you’ll want to die.

That aside I also changed how saving works. More than a few people have requested it and I finally got around to altering it. Believe it or not picking when the game saves actually required a fair bit of altercations to code. The game will now save only when you sleep, it will no longer save at midnight after the daily recap.

Everything else can probably be listed in the full notes as its all pretty minor from here on out. The next thing I think I am going to tackle, which is long overdue, is controller support and full keyboard support. I’m hoping that goes smoothly, but it stands to be a pretty large task. I’ll also be out of town this next week so it may take a little longer to be finished.

Verdant Village V0.2.8 Full Changelog

-Made a minor change to the collision engine when moving between zones. The player cannot collide with objects for the duration of the transition, this will hopefully help to prevent issues with NPCs pushing the player into or out of an area if they run into each other at the entrance.

-Fixed an issue where recipe yield wouldn't display when cooking components such as flour or sugar.

-Fixed a z ordering bug that would cause the player to blink when standing near to an object that was hanging on a wall such as a tapestry or picture.

-Added large mining nodes into the mines.

-Added descriptions to every item in the game.

-Redid description box code to function slightly differently, aside from minor visual changes this shouldn't affect gameplay, fingers crossed.

-Changed all simple furniture to use copper bars instead of bronze if metal was a requirement at all.

-Fixed a bug where non alchemy items wouldn't un-dim when you left the "breakdown" tab of alchemy.

-Re-fixed an oversight from the inventory system changes, you can no longer accidently purchase an item from a store as you are clicking just to get into the shop.

-Slightly lowered golden egg drop chance from geese from 5% to 3%.

-Fixed a bug where time did not pause while in the alchemy UI.

-Altered name of game exe to be "Verdant_Village" replaced space with underscore, heard this may make it easier for linux users to run the game.

-Fixed a slight rounding error related to extra money gained via the haggler perk.

-Fixed a glitch with hotbar stack text creating duplicates in specific situations.

-Fixed a bug where sunfish could appear in the wrong sections of water.

-Added capability to move the player house via the building menu similar to other constructed buildings.

-Changed saving to occur only when you sleep and not at midnight, and hopefully I didn't break anything in the process.