Verdant Village Patch

Small hotfix patch before the weekend is out to take care of a few things introduced in 0.2.7. Most notably, dialogue broke a bit due to some extensions made to the system. These should be taken care of. It was also brought to my attention that the “Remove All” button in chests was bugged. If you couldn’t fit all the items being removed into your inventory they would be lost, this has been fixed. Also did some more work on the fishing system, I fishing for about 30 minutes (IRL) and didn’t encounter a bugged with once so I’m hoping things are solved on that end. Full changelog below.

Verdant Village Patch 0.2.7 Full Changelog

-Fixed a bug noted with NPCs where talking to them while they were working would throw a dialogue error.

-Fixed a bug with player active abilities (such as using a tool) not setting properly if you moved an item out of the slot you currently had selected. I.E. if you had the shovel selected then stowed it into a chest, as long as you didn’t select a new slot you could still use the shovel.

-Fixed a bug where using the "remove all" button in chests when you couldn't fit everything in your inventory would cause data loss.

-Fixed a separate bug with dialogue that would cause NPCs to basically have access to all their dialogue lines regardless of any variables. No more talking about how its cold in the middle of summer.

-Recreated fish spawning code to be far more efficient.

-Fixed issue with pickup display not appearing when catching fish.

-Updated Chef perk, you now need to cook 350 items to achieve the perk, but the number of items yielded from a recipe equates to the number of points you gain towards the perk, I.E. cooking chocolate strawberries once yields 5 of the item, this would net 5 points towards the perk.