Verdant Village Patch 0.2.7

Another week of tune ups and QoL stuff this week. As I’ve said before I’m pretty much just polishing the game at this point rather than adding new content. That said I do think I’ll still add a few things, not to mention I added a few things this week on top of fixing.

The list this week is a little shorter than usual because I was technically working on the previous patch up until Tuesday due to the Steam Summer Festival. Still I’d say some thing got done. Probably the two biggest things are that now irrigation pipes are in the game. You can use them to automatically water crops each day. There is no unlock for them they are available from the start in the shipping chest, which may change one day, who knows. Thinking on it they likely need some sort of tutorial attached to them.

Other than that, there is now UI in the pickup section of the shipping chest that will show you what you already have on the way from shipping. Basically, it’s just a simple way to keep track of orders you already made. Probably helpful if you take a break from the game and come back. Everything else I think I’ll leave to the changelog below.

Verdant Village V0.2.7 Full Changelog

-Modified code around clock UI to make it more efficient.

-Altered tutorials surrounding tools to more accurately explain themselves based which tool was upgraded.

-Fixed quest reward text on "A Rancher's Trial" quest to match the name of the actual reward.

-Added functionality to the specify amount UI to allow for closing the prompt with "C" or "Esc".

-Made a check on dismount that will prevent the player from getting off their horse when they will overlap something solid. This will prevent the player from being pushed into places they shouldn't go to.

-Fixed two bugs resulting in strange data for the general store listings.

-Fixed an error in one of Remi's dialogue lines.

-Fixed a bug with the camera jumping in alchemist's house.

-Re-added pork to the general store, until hunting is added this is how you acquire it.

-Made minor changes to building code to make it more efficient.

-Fixed a bug with hotbar stack text appearing above the dialogue GUI in specific situations.

-Fixed an issue with archeology fragments not visually deducting properly when constructing an artifact.

-Streamlined archeology fragment deduction code.

-Changed building removal tint to match other building alteration tints.

-Modified dialogue engine to pick dialogue choices from different identifiers. Mostly done to expand the system for use further on, shouldn't have any noticeable change for players. Also fixed a few odd bugs related to dialogue in the process.

-Fixed an incorrect origin point on winter forage objects that would make them appear at a strange vertical offset.

-Fixed a bug that would result in the hotbar updating incorrectly after you picked up a chest.

-Fixed a bug where selling an animal would lock player interactions.

-Fixed a bug that allowed you to still right click inventory objects while in the "specify amount" dialogue in your inventory.

-Added a GUI to the pickup section of the shipping chest that lists your current shipping orders so you can keep track of what you’ve already ordered.

-Irrigation Pipes have been added to the game, they can be purchased via the shipping chest.

-Fixed a bug with the hotbar not updating properly post patch, leaving a desync between inventory and hotbar until it updated naturally in the game.

-Added clarification for the left and right mouse buttons alt keys in keybindings UI to show that they don't work with the UI interfaces yet.

-Added some simple scaling to stone nodes in the mines so that stone will be harder to break the deeper you go, mostly to balance getting minerals from these nodes as opposed to ore veins.

-Re-added the option in settings to loop music, making music play continuously if that's your jam, pun intended.