Verdant Village Patch

With the Steam Demo going out tomorrow during the Summer Festival I decided I wanted to get this version of the game as stable as possible as soon as possible. This patch fixes some of the more problematic things introduced with the revamped inventory system changes. Aside from that there are a few smaller changes. The most relevant being the ability to now grow tea plants now. Alongside this wheat has been turned into a crop you can grow in all seasons as flour can be important to quite a few recipes. Not to mention other people are growing it all the time, so why can’t you. Everything else will be listed below in the changelog.

Verdant Village V0.2.6.2 Full Changelog

-Fixed a bug where pine sap would not spawn when tapping a pine tree.

-Fixed a bug where opening the archeology UI would lock player interactions.

-Fixed a collision error in one of the mine zones.

-Fixed a bug with quests received from signposts, where accepting them would lock the player character interactions.

-Fixed a bug with shipping chest where gold costs for objects weren't displayed.

-Fixed a bug with shipping chest where item costs weren't displayed when they were equal to 1.

-Fixed a bug where fowl would not properly record their birthdays on purchase.

-Fixed a bug where livestock would not properly record their birthday or what products they had generated due to the array not being sized properly.

-Fixed a bug where time would not pause when the confirmation prompt that would appear when leaving a floor of the mines would appear.

-Fixed an oversight where some birch furniture required bronze and some required copper. Bronze is now required in all situations.

-Fixed a bug where the Beryl Woods couldn't be hovered on your map.

-Fixed a bug where hotbar stack text could appear above the inventory UI if the hotbar was at the top of the screen.

-Fixed a timing desync related to lighting objects that would basically make them provide light inconsistently when it was close to the times they turned on or off.

-Fixed a bug where fish were not being given the proper resistance variable, making all of them the same to catch and also very easy.

-Fixed a bug regarding one section of summer where you could fish and there would be nothing to catch.

-Revised fish generation code to make it more efficient.

-Fixed a bug where fireflies and dragonflies that already existed in a zone would not disappear until you left said zone if the season were to change.

-Fixed a bug where Simeon would not z order properly with buildings he was currently building.

-Made palm trees on the beach adhere to the transparency rules, mostly just for consistency.

-Fixed an issue with accessing Remi's store when she runs it from home, depending on where you interacted with the storefront you may simply end up talking to Remi instead of shopping.

-Reconfigured the hitbox around the door to Ben's house.

-Made wheat a crop that can be grown all year, except winter.

-Added Tea plant as an all year crop.

-Took flour and tea leaves out of the general store, except for in winter.

-Fixed a bug that would result in some dishes in the cooking array listing required ingredients but saying it needed zero of them, this only occurred post patching.

-Fixed some apostrophes in quest text for Sven.

-Lowered prices for repeat yield crops (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries) to make them profitable.

-Fixed a bug where trees that regrew in the wild could end up making multiple interactions that would prevent them from being chopped down.

-Fixed an issue with collision masks on the walnut trees during winter which would make them not z order.

-Fixed a bug that would create multiple stack texts on the hotbar when performing certain actions, which would ultimately leave text hovering randomly on the screen.

-Changed description on all season crops to indicate that they cannot be grown in winter.