Verdant Village Patch

Quick hotfix for a few issues that made themselves known pretty much immediately after posting. Hardly a surprise at this point. Not much else to say, but the full changelog is below.

Verdant Village V0.2.6.1 Full Changelog

-Fixed a bug where stack text in the catalog would not delete after the menu was closed or swapped away from.

-Fixed a bug where resource stacks that were deleted when ordering something from the shipping chest wouldn't visually delete the stack.

-Fixed a bug where the ordering catalog would not properly update to show if you had the correct amount of resources for additional purchases after making at least one purchase.

-Fixed a bug where if you used the minecart it would lock player interactions.

-Fixed a bug where completing quests with multiple requirements would appear to destroy whatever object was in the first slot of your inventory as well as the quest requirements.

-Fixed an issue where placing objects in inventory slots past the first row (not on your hotbar) would still create hotbar objects overlapping others.