Verdant Village Hotfix

Another small hotfix. Normally, I don’t do this sort of thing after the weekend but there seems to be one rather concerning bug in the game. Since patch 0.2.2, it seems that more than a few people are having issues with Simeon not appearing in his shop. While I haven’t specifically pinpointed the cause just yet there is another bug that could be the cause.

In short when you sleep in the game NPCs speed up as to match the passage of time. You never actually see if but they are moving around the world about 60 times faster than usual. The bug in question occurred if you were sleeping when the game saved, and then you patched. Because the player always starts off awake post patch it has to reset certain variables. One that I forgot to reset was the NPC movement speed. So basically, people would see NPCs blip across their screens like sonic the hedgehog after the patch as they sped to their next destination. A while back someone actually reported this with Lorelei but I couldn’t pinpoint it at the time. This issue should be fixed, once you patch to this version NPCs should reset their speed and shouldn’t ever bug out like this again.

There were also a couple of other fixes and changes implemented that I’ll list below. Mostly just less game breaking bugs that were brought up over the weekend. Hopefully this fixes the Simeon issue but if not I’ll have to dig through quite a bit of code. Personally, I’ve yet to see this sort of bug occur so I’ll keep my eyes out.

Verdant Village V0.2.2.2 Full Changelog

-Fixed a bug with the spacious barn not listing all of its required resources in the menu, specifically the bricks.

-Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to move around the game world at insane speeds. This happened if you were sleeping during the save prior to patching. Basically, NPCs get sped up when you sleep and never got slowed down again after the patching process ended.

-Fixed a bug with omelet not using the right icon.

-Fixed a bug where placing any object on walls such as a mirror or painting in the newly acquired part of your house would cause a z ordering bug. If you have encountered this bug objects should fix themselves when the game patches, if they do not just take them down and re-place them.

-Fixed a bug where you could interact with the water beneath bridges.

-Fixed a bug that allowed you to buy items from shops with a full inventory, which would let you not receive the item but still subtract gold.

-Fixed a bug where cow and goat milk, and cheese could not be consumed.

-Switched salad recipes from requiring kale to requiring lettuce, because apparently, I didn't think salads had lettuce in them as some point.

-Added a starting chest for new players to give some much-needed storage space at the start of the game.

-Redid the path to your farm to make it a bit more rustic looking, didn't seem to make much sense that the stone path just cut off at your property.

-Added mercenary camp assets.