Verdant Village Patch


ery small hotfix for now. I suppose it isn’t really a hotfix since I don’t think any of these issues were actually caused by patch 0.2.2. I was just doing a bit of work today and one thing in particular struck me as something probably worth adding now rather than on Friday. Short list below as usual.

Verdant Village Patch Full Changelog

-Fixed a bug where making strawberry milk would not actually give you any once you collected it.

-Re-added the combine stacks button for chests. Apparently, people used this more than I thought. You still have the option to simply dump your entire inventory into the chest but there is now a fourth button that will basically add anything from your inventory that matches stuff already in the chest. The artwork for this button is temporary (as I’m sure you’ll notice) and will be altered ASAP.

-Fixed a slight bug with one of the cloud sprites that was cut improperly leaving an odd-looking line in the top right corner of the sprite.

-Removed a bush in the mountains that was in the same spot as an NPC path causing a weird looking glitch.