Verdant Village Hotfix 0.18.1

Another weekend hotfix which seems to have become routine at this point. This time we had some issues with quests as many are probably aware. I’ll explain as best I can without getting into overwhelming detail.

So, the issue stemmed from a single line of code in the patching system. The reason that various quests completed themselves, like staircases being fixed, rocks disappearing, caves opening, etc, is because the game had a line of code that was passed the wrong parameter, in this case a 0. That 0 basically made it so that when the game patched it checked every quest status in the game against the bag quest for Lylah. Assuming you had done that quest, the game would have given you rewards for every other quest in the game.

In this hotfix I’ve managed to fix this issue and your quest data should still be saved. There is a slight downside to this however, which some of you may not really see as a downside. I can’t undo the cooking recipes that were doled out via the completed quests. Everything else should reset, but those rewards will stick. You can still complete their related quests and there shouldn’t be an issue, you just already have the reward. Not a perfect solution, but I’m guessing most people would rather have this instead of getting a hard reset on quest progress.

Aside from this there was an issue with the three new quests that got added where the game would essentially take your resources and then tell you that you couldn’t finish the quest because your inventory was full. This came down to a parameter being passed as a string instead of an integer, but should now be fixed. At least it was via my testing.

Last thing, NPC patching has been turned off again so expect NPCs to be standing around at midnight on the first day post patch. This is to fix the problem with Ethan being non interactive. Turning off NPC patching may become the norm each time a new NPC is added, but I’ll have to see if I can find a way around it.

The other stuff is smaller and listed below in the change log.

Full Changelog 0.18.1

-Fixed an issue where after patching quests would have completed themselves.

-Fixed an issue with new quests not allowing you to finish them.

-Fixed a bug where Ethan couldn’t be talked to.

-Fixed a bug with the map not showing up on the map screen.

-Fixed a bug with sheep appearing larger than other animals due to a scaling issue.

-Added a notification to the quest that is turned into Brock to notify players that he doesn’t exist yet.

-Lengthened the bridge that you can fix in the swamp because it visually looked odd.

-Fixed a bug where you could open your inventory between area transitions allowing you to move with it open.

-Fixed a bug where you could simply use wallpaper you purchased on nothing and waste it.

-Fixed a bug where if you chopped down a tree and it was falling, specifically to the left, as midnight ticked over, when you came out of the recap the tree would spin in full circles insanely fast.

-Fixed a bug where grapefruit trees wouldn’t change with the seasons.