Verdant Village Hotfix 0.17.2

Another small hotfix before the weekend is out. I call it a hotfix but honestly, I’m not sure how many of these fixes are relevant to something that broke in 0.17. In any case full list of changes below.

Full Changelog 0.17.2

-Fixed a bug where a well that you completed in a prior patch would be unusable after patching.

-Fixed an issue where you could chop down coconut trees on the beach.

-Fixed a misleading description on tomato seeds. They used to claim it took 10 days to grow a tomato, it only requires 6 days.

-Fixed a tilemapping issue with a bridge in the mountains.

-Fixed a bug where tools you could charge (hoe and watering can) would only give 1 point towards proficiency regardless of charging. They now yield points equal to how many tiles you effect.

-Fixed a bug where right clicking to add an object into a separate object stack when you were only holding one object would cause the stack to glitch.

-Fixed a bug with description boxes on inventory items sometimes being drawn larger than necessary following item placement.

-Fixed an issue with being able to right click a placeable object, such as an apiary, and having it simply disappear, this would have only occurred if you walked between viable and unviable rooms while having the object selected.

-Added a bit of code to keep players from changing their hotbar selection while transferring between rooms.

-Modified fishing system to hopefully get rid of a bug that keeps fish from spawning properly, as if people needed more things to prevent them from catching fish.