Verdant Village Hotfix 0.17.1

One day I swear this game will patch and not immediately need to be followed by hotfixes because the game broke. Below is a short list of the things fixed. While the list is short, I would highly recommend downloading version 0.17.1 because 0.17 is going to have issues.

Full Changelog 0.17.1

-Fixed missing collision on the bridge in the new area.

-NPC patching has been temporarily turned off once again. Due to the nature of this patch I can’t guarantee NPC data and therefore it needs to be left alone for at least one version. Expect to see NPCs at midnight on the first night, afterwards they should resume normal behavior.

-Fixed the castle wall in the new area that was hovering above everything.

-Changed some vertical door collisions in various houses.

-Fixed a z ordering issue with several bushes in the plains.

-Fixed an issue where you couldn’t harvest crops post patch.

-Fixed an issue where if you had multiple coops or barns post patch no matter which one you entered when you left you would be placed outside the first one you built.