Verdant Village V0.16.3 Hotfix

Another small hotfix patch to take care of a few issues and add a thing or two. As with all these little patches at the moment NPCs will be reset on the first day. Other than that, there isn’t a lot going on. Changelog below.

Verdant Village 0.16.3 Full Changelog

-Fixed a bug where unlocking the chef perk wouldn't unlock an oven slot

-Fixed a bug where some perks, had you unlocked them, wouldn't reactivate after a patch

-Moved a forage spawn in the swamp that was overlapping Kiera’s path in autumn

-Added seashell generation nodes for the far beach

-Added a system so that when you hover the day of the week symbol the game will inform you what day that is

-Re-added fishing to the swamp because it was gone for some reason