Verdant Village V0.16.2 Hotfix

Small hotfix that will fix a few things I got around to today but nothing major. I wouldn’t say anything in this patch is critical so if you wanted to ignore it and wait for next Friday you certainly could.

Full 0.16.2 Changelog

-Fixed a bug regarding swapping your selected item on your hotbar via the mouse while the player was already performing an action. This had the potential to cause broken animations when performing tasks

-Fixed a slight oversight in fishing code where if you spammed left click as you were casting you could get the player stuck

-Fixed a bug with bridges not tiling correctly for each season after year 1

-Fixed a bug with being able to harvest forage bushes even if they had no berries showing. This occurred if a bush was fully grown at the end of its harvest season. If you failed to harvest before the season ended the next time that season came around a year later the bool allowing you to harvest was still active, but the animation frame wouldn't be set as well.

-Fixed a bug with sleeping where the player would be allowed to move after the recap was shown even if they were still sleeping

-Fixed a bug related to viewing the animal status screen, if you tried to sell an animal you would still be able to click the X button for the status UI which would leave the selling confirmation in place on your screen