Verdant Village V0.16.1 Hotfix

Very small, but important, hotfix for Verdant Village. As a user by the name of “Sunjean” pointed out on itch. You can’t order iron lockboxes from the shipping chest. These were unlocked if you finished Kiera’s quest.

Looking into it the issue is actually pretty deeply rooted in how the game tracks what you are ordering. Ironically, it wasn’t possible for it to be an issue until now because of the order in which objects are unlocked. In any case the V0.16.1 should resolve this issue. It’s the only fix on this patch, but I’d say it’s a worthwhile change.

That said since this patch is coming out so close to V0.16 I’m leaving NPC patching off because I’d like everyone to get a chance to get that fix implemented. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can read the details on the V0.16 devlog, linked below.

As usual if you’d like to follow the game or have some people to talk to about my twitter and the official discord are also linked below.

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V0.16 Devlog: