Devlog #4 Dig Deep

Mining is something that I have been contemplating for a while for Verdant Village. Its a bit of a laborious task and not all that exciting from a player perspective. The most basic systems in games are just, go to mine, hit rock, get ore.

My hope is that I can spice that up a bit and add in something to make a bit more of a challenge to players, but not so hard that it becomes tedious to pursue.

The image in this post is of the current mining system in the game. At present it is exactly as described above, there is a mine which you can enter and as you descend through the levels you find more and more rare minerals. Along with it being pretty standard it is also incredibly profitable at the moment since each level generates an insane amount of ore for the player.

Soon I will be starting work on a new system. Instead of ore veins being scattered about on the surface of the mine they will all be hidden. The player will be given a dousing rod like tool that they can use to point them towards a vein. It will still be trail and error to find the vein but once you do the player is rewarded with far more ore from a single node. This sort of mirrors real life, where miners don't just find random small chunks of ore but instead they usually locate massive quantities of it in one location.

Of course this system will also be subject to an upgrade system of sorts with better picks and dousing rods to improve your efficiency. Of course as with any good fantasy game the mines are home to creatures as well that the player will have to fend off as they search for ore. A seperate post would be needed to detail that system but all I can say is the combat for Verdant Village will not be a simplified version of 2D Zelda combat. I'm still piecing the details together but I think I'd like to shoot for some sort of quick paced mini game that involves some level of skill and reflexes on the player's part.