Devlog #3 Gone Fishing

This week was a little slow in terms of development due to a few extenuating circumstances. However, there are more than a few systems already in place in the game that I can talk about.

I plan to put quite a few activities in Verdant Village to flesh the game out. It wouldn't be much of a game if all you could do was wait for crops to grow after all.

Fishing is an obvious choice for something to do. The game has five separate types of water for the player to fish from. Each of these water types have different fish, that can be caught at different times in the day. On top of that the fish that you can catch also vary depending on the season. So far there are a total of 100 different types of fish for the player to catch.

There is the possibility to have even more added as time goes by. I have also toyed with the idea of special rare fish that have to be caught under very specific circumstances or perhaps you'll have to use certain bait or lures. These things have of course been done before but I have one other idea that I'm seriously considering, that idea is whaling.

Verdant Village features an ocean area that the player will be able to traverse via their boat. I like the idea of adding various features to the boat so it isn't just a sailing simulator as that would be a little boring, there are a lot of fish in the sea after all. Whaling, if implemented, would be a tough task for the player to take on. It would likely involve a fair amount of time on the player's part as well as a good deal of resources to successfully hunt a whale. Most likely there would be some sort of mini game involving throwing spears and perhaps also managing a small crew to reel in the beast. If this idea were to be implemented I would likely also consider expanding on it a bit and perhaps include other large fish for the player to go after in the ocean.

The possibilities are pretty huge with this system of the game, and I'm interested to see just how far I can expand on it to make it into something unique and interesting for any player.