Pathfinding Updates and Sprites

It's been a busy week here working on Verdant Village. New sprites have been added to the game in form of everything from sheds to NPC characters, to various crops.

The most laborious task however is also probably one of the most tedious to talk about. That topic is of course, pathfinding. For those that don't know this is the term used to refer to how objects, usually NPCs, move around the game world.

It would be literal hell if you had to hard code all of the movements of every character in the game. Luckily, I am using the Construct 2 engine. Sidebar, if you are a game developer, I highly recommend using this engine. Construct 2 has a pre-built pathfinding engine that you can just drop into your game. After that there are some modifications that need to be made but it takes care of a huge chunk of the work thankfully.

If Construct 2 is taking care of the work you might ask yourself what I've been doing? The answer to that is everything else. Once pathfinding is implemented there is a lot of manual work regarding the classification of game world objects as solid so that pathfinding will play nice with them. On top of that the main work has been writing a block of code that will make NPC characters face the correct direction based on the direction they are moving. While it might be cool to have NPCs moonwalking everywhere it would probably break the immersion.