Website and Verdant Village Development

I've spent the last few days throwing this website together to serve as a hub of information for everything to do with Exodus Software. It's fairly modest but should serve its purpose. Here you can keep up to date with any news on our upcoming games and browse anything we've made.

Development for Verdant Village is and has been in full swing for about half a year now. The game is similar to that of Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley. My goals are centering around adding more content than either of those two games and varying the gameplay. While I greatly enjoyed both titles, I always felt there were more systems I would have liked to see.

A few examples of these would be things like story arcs for the NPC characters, and consequential decisions, as well as more gameplay related additions such as trading resources to townsfolk to refine them for you.

At the end of the day there is still an extraordinary amount of work to do. Only the most base systems are in the game at the moment such as woodcutting, growing crops, mining, a day cycle, basic pathfinding etc. In the coming months there will be many things added and I can't wait to show off what is being created!